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Do not fear death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than light, but if we do not show fear, it casts its eye upon us gently and then guides us into infinity...

Marcus D's

Bop Alloy

—Your Truth Ft. Steph, The Sapphic Songstress

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Marcus D - Best in Show ft. Skyzoo & Larue

Simply Complex

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Song Of The Day: Sippin’ Saturday (4/19/14)

Song: Atonement (ft. Prometheus Brown & Vitamin D)

Artist: Marcus D

Album: Simply Complex

Marcus D has been halfway around the world in Japan making music, but the Northwest native is back in the states touring with Bop Alloy. He recently released his highly anticipated album, "Simply Complex", and it’s full of jazz infused beats and dope-ass features. He brings it home with "Atonement" along with Pro Brown and Vitaman D. You can purchase the album here

thank you. peace to NWhiphop blog. everybody…follow them.

Featured remix on the new reciteall 12” vinyl with nitsua. Coming soon.

Featured remix on the new reciteall 12” vinyl with nitsua. Coming soon.

watchdre asked: Hey Marcus D ! Big fan here out of NYC - Have you considered opening up the instrumental tracks off of Simply Complex? You got some real fire there hooooo baby!

yo thank you, i appreciate it.

i’ve been doing less of that lately due to an increased amount of people rapping over the tracks, changing the song’s name, and labeling their new track as “produced by Marcus D”. 

though I appreciate the producer credit, i think using it to promote a song is taking advantage of the situation, so I’ve decided not to release the instrumentals for Simply Complex or the new Bop Alloy.


Like an artist’s final sketch on his deathbed 
I ain’t gotta speak a word but the message

Anonymous asked: Will the Lone Wolf LP have an additional Kickstarter or no?

to be honest, i’d like to a small one do one simply because the funds gathered for the Simply Complex/Lone Wolf LP Kickstarter didn’t raise nearly enough for both projects (even though the goal was surpassed), which was under-calculation on my part.

pressing vinyl costs much more than I’d expected and I’ve been having to dig into my own pockets again in order to fulfill the pledges.

It’s likely that I’ll have a Kickstarter solely for pressing vinyl version of the album, that way people who have already donated to the first Kickstarter don’t feel shortchanged (since only Simply Complex vinyl was promised), and those that want to see a vinyl of the Lone Wolf LP will get it.

Just so I can get a rough estimate of who would be interested…reply with a yea or nay.

Thanks for the question! gives me a chance to air the news.

Anonymous asked: Is there a safe way to wash the Bop Alloy album artwork t-shirt without ruining the design?

i don’t know for sure, but i’d say cold, gentle.

Anonymous asked: favorite motivational quote?

"don’t tell me, show me." - my pops.


My bopalloy album finally came in the mail d-_-b


My bopalloy album finally came in the mail d-_-b

Kno of Cunninlynguists & Marcus D

how should white beatmakers greet each other?


Anonymous asked: Loving the new releases. I missed out the chance on your ama on reddit, but how did you manage to get in contact with 2 legends like Del and Royce for Simply Complex? How did it all work?

Thank you.

Actually, my friend from high school is Del’s tour manager. He was performing at Seattle U and wanted to record at a studio…I had access to one at the time. He said he heard that I made beats and told me to load one up. (I’d been carrying a flash drive in hopes of getting a chance to show him a beat i’d made for him.) I engineered the session, he recorded to my beat, and then told me I could use it for whatever I wanted. That was back in 2011. Got to kick it with him for that whole weekend and it was one of the cooler hip hop experiences i’ve ever had. He and I chopped it up about video games a lot.

As for Royce, my brother had contacted his manager a while back, I’d sent him some beats in 2008, and he liked them, which led to him getting on the first track I did with him for my first album in 08 (Revival of the Fittest - I Shine). Same thing went for this album.

Cise Starr x Marcus D

Cise Starr x Marcus D