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Do not fear death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than light, but if we do not show fear, it casts its eye upon us gently and then guides us into infinity...

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We’re gonna make today Simple:
Buy any Simply Complex merch in the next 24 hours and you get one free (shipping included). Vinyl, CD (JPN or US), or t-shirts (blue or black). 

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Lone Wolf LP coming soon. 
New music video beginning of next month along with the track listing. Peace.

We’re gonna make today Simple:
Buy any Simply Complex merch in the next 24 hours and you get one free (shipping included). Vinyl, CD (JPN or US), or t-shirts (blue or black).

Just hit up

Lone Wolf LP coming soon.
New music video beginning of next month along with the track listing. Peace.

h0-ku asked: I'm looking into buying my first midi, and I use fl studio. Is the akai mini good for starters?

i’ve never used it, but it’s got pads and keys, so best of both worlds. i personally like a board with more octaves because I tend to play a large range of piano on my tracks, but if you’re not doing much playing, i think you’ll be just fine. good luck.

Anonymous asked: Would you rather be 40 and a struggling artist (financially and in terms of popularity) or be 40 and well off but you've compromised artistically along the way to being financially well off ?

the current me plans to maintain the integrity of my craft no matter the cost…but 40 year old me (hopefully with a kid and a wife) would probably call current me an idiot.

i love hip hop. and i love the music i make. i don’t wanna change that, and most likely never will…even though it doesn’t sell all that well, which is why i’m constantly looking for music making opportunities in other forums…like movie/game soundtracks, commercials, etc. 

if i’m making commercials, jingles, or soundbites that are paying me 10k per job under a pseudonym…i don’t give a shit about artistic integrity. but as long as i’m making my type of music and putting my name on it, i want it to be something i’m proud of and that those who know me are proud of.

end of the day…i don’t like being told what to do, which is why I’ve always released my music on my own terms and not a label’s. i have a vision, and when someone who’s not an artist is telling you how that vision should look…it makes me want to punch walls.

donpmasa asked: some day, I would like to work with you man. an inspiration from Nujabes as well, he made pure quality music and you do, too.

always down to make somethin happen for ppl are willin to make somethin happen for themselves.

Anonymous asked: Dude your instrumentals on your open tape are dope! Can't stop listening to upstate!

thank you, will have an update soon on the webpage with new ones.

92toinfinity asked: Hey Marcus, I just wanted your input on the whole CD vs Digital vs Vinyl. I recall seeing a comment you made about Nujabes favoring Vinyl because he wanted his music to be listened to in the best quality possible. Can you elaborate?

I’ll do my best.

Vinyl>CD for sound quality because the format is analog. Analog naturally sounds warmer and has a more “true” sound. Aka even the weakest songs will sound pretty decently when pressed on vinyl…but it’s expensive.

CD>mp3 CD quality may or may not be the best quality you’re gonna get for the price these days. CDs do a pretty decent job of preserving your original masters the way you mixed and mastered them. Vinyl will always be a bit better though…no helping that.

MP3>YouTube and that’s about it.
MP3 is the most accurate and efficient way of getting your music out to fans/people but it’s only a fraction of what the original mix sounds like on your/professional monitors.

When producers mix down their songs to mp3 it kills a piece of our soul, our vision, and our music as a whole. But it’s efficient. It’s basically 1/4 or 1/8 of what we originally hear in our mixes and therefore you’re not hearing what we hear in the studio, which is a shame but しょうがない、(it can’t be helped).

That’s why I dont condone Nujabes’ retainers dropping his music digitally. But I suppose we all gotta move on eventually.

Marcus D

—Dollar & A Dream


Marcus D - Dollar & A Dream

Anonymous asked: Nujabes' records have been popping up on Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes (available for purchase) recently, do you know anything about this and if the revenue made from these uploads will go to Nujabes' family? They're uploaded by Hydeout Productions so it seems legit, but a little curious as to why they're being uploaded now.

I can’t say 100%, but I do know that every one of his friends I’ve ever met and talked with have told me he never put his music out digitally because he believed the quality of the songs should be enjoyed in the best quality possible. Even CD he was reluctant to do…and I don’t see how that decision could have changed now. So regardless of who’s doing it, I don’t think he himself would have done it…and that’s all I can say on the matter.

Anonymous asked: Have you and Kno of The Cunninlynguists thought of doing a project together? I think that would be dope.

we haven’t really gotten to know each other well enough yet. maybe 10 years or so from now….i’d be down for it. our fans would be down for it. hip hop would prolly be down for it.

kerobreakerpanda asked: How many instruments can you play and does that affect how you make beats?

I can play 4…..yes. I’ve played piano since I was little, and since most beats are controlled either thru keyboards or pads as far as controllers go, that’s shaped the way i make music.