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The History of Luv(Sic) - Shing02

Shingo and I had this conversation back in July 2010 in Seattle when we recorded Parallel Universe. Now you can also be in the know about the past, present, and future of the luv(sic) series.

From the horse’s mouth. Enjoy.

"OK, for all those asking about the history and future of Luv(sic) series, here’s what happened (and is going to happen).

2000 - Nujabes and I collaborate on first Luv(sic)
originally it was a beat for Pase Rock but I asked him if I could have it since I really wanted it, and he said yes. Back then i did a remix for Five Deez so it was a good exchange.

The meaning behind the title?
(sic) = The Latin adverb sic – meaning “intentionally so written” is used for misspelled words. In this case, Love = Luv, thus Lovesick = Luv(sic)

2002 - released Luv(sic) part2
written and recorded right after 911.

2005 - released Luv(sic) part3

around 2006, I told Nujabes that instead of doing another sequel, I would rather do a trilogy with a theme: 4 will be about discovery, 5 about parting, 6 about reuniting.
He liked the idea.

We start exchanging beats for a couple of years and we finally find a good beat in what would become Part4. Although I was busy finishing my Japanese album, the lyrics to Part4 were mostly written around this time.

late 2009, I met a young beatboxer Jeff Resurreccion who was battling cancer. His favorite song was Luv(sic) part3.

When he passed in January 2010, the event led me to write Luv(sic) Part5. The first half the song was written exclusively about Jeff. Nujabes sent words of condolence to Jeff’s family as well. I convinced Nujabes that one of the beats he sent me previously should be Part5, to which he initially didn’t agree because it was too dark, but eventually he agreed.

In March 2010, we find out about Nujabes passing in February. Soon after, I finished writing Part4 and recorded at the Hydeout Studio in Kamakura.

Also at the time of his passing, we discovered that Nujabes had left a beat titled “Luv(sic) grand finale” on his cellphone. The label tracked down the session files.

Due to label circumstances, Part4 did not get released until June 2011, so I released Part5 in December of 2010 with a beat by Jumpster as a free tribute and remix project.

That brings us to 2012, we just finished:

a) re-recording Luv(sic) Part5 with original production by Nujabes (and Hiroto Uyama), scratches by DJ A-1.

b) recording Part6 (aka Grand Finale) with scratches by DJ Kou, harp by Rebekah Raff.

So our mission is to finish the versions we originally planned while he was still around, and Part6 will be the last installment.

The release date for these versions is undecided, since we still have to edit, mix, etc. I will keep you guys posted.

Now you know more than anybody out there!


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